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Template Design Preview

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Start Redesign

If you are not satisfied with your current template or color scheme, or just want to give your site a fresh new look, you can reset your design and choose a different template, page layout and color design. However there are several things to consider before resetting your design.

  1. Due to the differences between templates, all the elements on your homepage will appear in the center column. Simply drag and drop elements into the desired location to restore your homepage layout. (Interior pages are unaffected).
  2. If you choose a different style template, your header and footer images will have to be uploaded again.
  3. Custom designed header and footer images will always have to be uploaded again after resetting the design template.
  4. Any CCS options that you modified in the previous template in the Advanced CSS area will be lost.
  5. Once you reset the design, there is no way to go back to your previous design. To use the previous design, reset again and choose your original template, page layout and color scheme. You header and footer images will have to be uploaded again and any custom CSS options will have to be redone.

Note: To be safe, you should always download copies of your header and footer images before changing design templates. You may also want to take screenshots of your homepage and record your CSS settings before resetting so you have a reference in case you want to change back.

From the Webmaster Center, go to the Manage Pull down menu and select Design Center.

design center.jpg




On the Design Setup page click the Start Redesign button.

start redesign.jpg