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Scaled Scores

This feature of the gradebook allows teachers to enter scores based on a raw number of points possible and have those scores scaled up to a new value. For example, let's say you give a quiz with only 8 questions.To simplify the grading, you score each question as 1 point but you want to make the quiz worth 25 points for the purpose of calculating student grades. 

score_fields.pngWhen creating this assignment in School Loop, you would enter 8 as the Points and 25 as the Scaled Points. When entering grades, your students will receive scores between 0 and 8 (assuming no extra credit is possible), but the gradebook will automatically scale the students score out of 25 points possible. A student who answers all 8 quiz questions correctly obviously has 100% so their grade in the class will be based on 25/25 for that quiz. Another student only answers 2 questions correctly, which is 2/8 or 25%. For this student, their grade will be based on 6.25/25 because that's the proportional score out of 50 that equals the 25% raw score.

showscaled.pngIn the gradebook, scores are always displayed as raw scores. So that you won't have to memorize which assignments are scaled and by how much, we display both the points and scaled points values like this 10(36), where 10 is the Points and 36 is the Scaled Points. You will see points possible display like this in every place where scores can be entered - the main gradebook spreadsheet, assignment scoresheet, and student scoresheet.

editmaxs.pngIn cases where you wish to change an individual student's maximum possible for an assignment, you will be able to edit the value for PointsScaled Points, or both.



Q. What if I don't want to scale scores?

A. No problem, just enter the same values for both Points and Scaled Points. We make this easy by automatically filling in the Scaled Points cell with the value you enter for the Points.

Q. Can I scale scores down?

A. Sure, just enter a lower value for the Scaled Points. If the Scaled Points value in the example above had been 4, then a student with 100% correct would receive a score of 4/4 for the quiz. Just don't try to scale scores down to zero - that won't work.

Q. What do parents and students see in the published progress reports?

A. Parents and students will only ever see the scaled values. After all, student grades are based on the scaled scores and not the raw scores.

Q. I don't see a Scaled Points field. Why?

A. The scaled score feature is only available to those using School Loop's gradebook. Partner gradebook users (EGP and MTG) can scale scores in those gradebooks, but not through School Loop.