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Tips & Tricks: Block Imports

Are you making changes to schedules in your SIS (Student Information System) for next semester, but don’t want them to show up in School Loop early?

If your SIS has a separate scheduling module that doesn’t roll into the main database until just before the new term starts then it’s not an issue. But if are making early schedule changes in the main database, those changes may inadvertently show up in School Loop and cause confusion for teachers, students, and parents.

There is an easy way to prevent this from happening, and that is by blocking imports. This feature is only available to District Admins, so if you are a Sys Admin at a school site, you can contact someone at the district to do this for you. This feature allows you to block imports on the School Loop site without interrupting the actual import process on your end.

For District Admins, when you log into your account, here's how to do it:

1. Click the School Site List link in the Toolbox in the right column of your portal homepage

2. Click the name of the school where you wish to block imports.

3. Look for the School Info section in the right column. At the bottom of that section you'll see:

Imports: Allowed

To the right of that you'll find a Change button. Click the Change button to block imports for that site. You'll notice that the status for imports changes to Blocked.

Note: Be sure to unblock imports the day before the first day of the new term, so you will have updated schedules on the first day. You do not need to continue to block imports into the 2nd semester even if a grading window is open!


Don't forget to change it back to Allowed when you are ready to resume imports. Typically this would be the day before the new term.