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Tips & Tricks: Calendar Views

PortalCalendar.pngPortal Calendar

Your portal calendar includes all events published for you or by you. Sometimes all these events can blur together, making it tough to spot a particular event or notice a newly published one. Fortunately you have options that can help.

Day, Week or Month View

Use the icons at the top of your calendar to switch views. In all views you call also use the arrows to page forward or back in time.



Show Me…

Click the “Show Me” menu on your calendar to control what types of events are visible on the calendar. Your settings will work on all calendars but do reset to the default view each time you login. Not all users have all the options pictured below.




Course Calendars

Teachers as well as students and parents have new course calendars available in the Classrooms.

1. Click the Course name under Classrooms in the Academics section of your portal homepage

2. In the Classroom, click the Calendars tab.

The course calendar also has a Show Me menu to filter events. In addition, course calendar items can be filtered by period.