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Tips & Tricks: Spell Check

School Loop does not have spell check built-in, but that doesn’t mean spell check is not available. Most modern browsers have a built-in spell checker and it can be used with School Loop – for example, while composing LoopMail messages. For most browsers, when spell check is turned on, misspelled words will be highlighted (usually with a wavy red underline) and right-clicking on the misspelled word will bring up a list of suggested words. However, since the Rich Text Editor in use throughout School Loop also has a right-click context menu, it takes an extra keyboard combination to get the browser's suggested words to display.


Here's a guide to the keyboard and mouse click combinations needed to access suggested words for various browsers:


Safari, Firefox, Chrome




Firefox, Chrome, Safari & Internet Explorer 10 and up

Ctrl+right click

Internet Explorer 9 and older

No built in spell checker

For those using older versions of Internet Explorer (before IE 10), you have three options: upgrade IE, switch to a new browser, or look for a third party spell check add-on. For many school networks, users do not have rights to install browser add-ons, but for those who do and for those using older versions of IE on their personal computers, we can point you to two options. Please keep in mind that School Loop does not endorse or support any such add-ons and we provide no warranty about the use of these add-ons. With that said, we’ve seen these spell checkers in use and they do work with a varying degree of success depending on your version of IE.

Speckie (

ieSpell (