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Tips & Tricks: Interventions

School Loop provides an easy way to collaboratively help students: interventions. Available from the Student Record, interventions are an easy way for teachers and school staff members to discuss how to help a student.

Interventions appear in the right column of the Student Record, like this:


To get started with interventions:

1. Log into School Loop and click Student Record on the right side. Teachers can also click a student in their gradebook, and then click the Student Record button.

2. Click Add to start a new topic.

One advantage of interventions is that topics are stored, forum-style, on the Student Record, so it is easy to pick up exactly where you left off when checking communications about that student. Intervention posts will be emailed to all members of that student's learning management team, minus parents, associate accounts, and students themselves. (Associate accounts don't have access to the Student Record. Admins can also see and participate in interventions if they check the Student Record, but will not be notified by default when interventions take place.)