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Tips & Tricks: Keeping Published Grades Up To Date

Are you seeing a difference between your gradebook average and the average displaying on the student's progress report? This discrepancy may be caused by one of the following:

  1. Grades have not been published
    • While entering grades into your gradebook, you may periodically save those grades. Saving grades ensures that those grades will not be lost, but it does not allow parents and students to view those grades. If you have unpublished assignments/grades in your gradebook, the average displayed in the gradebook will be different from the one on the progress report. Assignments that have been published to the progress report will display a Green Dot above the assignment title. If the assignment is not published, a gray "X" will display. Use the orange Progress Report Publishing button in the gradebook to publish the previously unpublished assignments.
  2. Changes have been made in gradebook, but the changes do not display on the progress report
    • Changes made in the gradebook (for example: changes to Max points, weighting, or grade scales) do not automatically update on the progress report. Changing the end date of a gradebook will also require republishing. After making any change in the gradebook, it is always best to republish grades by using the orange Progress Report Publishing button in the gradebook to assure the changes can be seen on the progress report.

Check out our help page, Publish Grades, for more information.