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District Admin Portal

Like administrators for school sites, the District Admin account has rights to manage user accounts. Note that the roles available for the district site are limited compared to school sites. If directory services are in use, there will be an additional menu choice to activate user accounts.

Admin User Management.jpg

Additionally, the District Admin role can link to any school site in the district and has full admin rights for those sites.

The Toolbox for District Admin has some items not available to other account types. 


  • Webmaster Center - Available if your account has webmaster rights.
  • School Site List - Provides access to all other school site, and Global Settings for editing terms, marking periods, and school settings.
  • Request School Site - A form for submitting requests for new school sites in your district.
  • Request Status - Check on the status of your school site requests.
  • School Statistics - Download a text file that contains the usage statistics for all of the schools in the district.
  • Teacher Statistics - Download a text file that contains the usage statistics for all of the teachers in the district.
  • District-wide Statistics - Usage for schools and the district as a whole. More information can be found on the District Stats Help page.
  • Broadcast Messages - Blast email messages to all registered users. Available as part of our Unification package

There is one additional link in each school's toolbox for District Admin that is not available to local Sys Admin. Download Gradebooks List generates a .csv file containing a list of every gradebook for every teacher and includes the teacher name, course, course ID , gradebook name, start date, end date, and gradebook version.

Note: District accounts do not have access to LoopMail.