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Tips & Tricks: Download or Print Your Gradebooks

Need a copy of your gradebook for future reference? School Loop does not archive gradebooks at the end of the school year, but each teacher has the option to download a copy of their gradebook(s) to Excel or to print a hard copy.

Download Gradebook

1. In the gradebook, under Tools tab, select Download Gradebook.DownloadGradebook.png

2. On the Download Gradebook screen, click the name of the gradebook to save.







3. Save the gradebook to your computer's hard drive, a flash drive, or a network drive.

4. Repeat the steps for each created gradebook.



Print a hard copy of Gradebook

1. From the Gradebooks menu on your portal, select a gradebook..

2. In your gradebook, go to the Reports tab.

3. Under Complete Gradebook, print each period either by Name or by ID.

4. Repeat the steps for each created gradebook.