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Tips & Tricks: Downloading Multiple Files

DownThemAll! – Firefox Add-on

Downloading multiple files can be a chore for teachers who allow students to submit work online – 100 students makes for 100 downloads – ouch!

Fortunately there is a way to make this chore far less painful, but as far as we know, this only works with the Firefox browser (version 3.5+), both Mac and PC.

Download the Add-on

Firefox allows you to find and install add-ons right from the browser.

1. Click the menu button (three horizontal bars in the upper right of Firefox.)

2. Click Add-ons

Alternately, you can download the Add-on directly from the developer’s website. Once installed, you’ll have to restart your browser.

Download Your Files

DownThemAll1.pngMost teachers probably download their student’s work from the assignment scoresheet, so work your way to the assignment scoresheet with submissions that you need to download. Once there, right click on the page and choose the DownThemAll!... option.





DownThemAll2.pngWhen the window pictured to the right pops up:

1.    Check the files you wish download

2.    Choose a destination folder by clicking the folder icon

3.    Change the default value in the Renaming Mask section to *text* (this step saves the files with the display name of the student’s submission)

4.    Click the Start! Button


School Loop does not endorse or sponsor this add-on and we provide no guarantees about the quality or functionality of this software. We are merely relaying suggestions made by other users who found this add-on to be helpful.