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Tips & Tricks: Making a Linked Image

Need to have an image link to another page or site? Here’s how to do it:

Usually you can use the picture element to put a picture on your site. In this case, though, let’s use the Rich Text element so that we can add a link to our picture.

1. Insert a Rich Text element onto your page.

2. Insert the image as you normally would from your computer, locker, or image album, using the Images button in the Rich Text element.

3. Click the image to select it.

4. Click the Link button (pictured below.)


5. Use the Site Map tab to select another page in your site, or just use the WWW tab to link directly to an outside website.

6. Click Save & Exit in the Rich Text element, and you’re done.

Be sure to test this by using Preview Draft when you are done.