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Tips & Tricks: Deleting Unused Accounts

System administrators, on plus sites, can delete any user account in School Loop except for teachers and students. System administrators, on standard sites, can delete any user account, including teachers (there are no student or parent accounts).

1. Log into your School Loop System Administrator account,

2. Click User Management.

3.  Hover over a role and select the role from the pull-down menu.

4. Click Delete beside the user's name. You can use this to remove duplicate parent accounts or clean up when staff members leave your school or district.


The accounts of graduating students and their parents are removed when your school rolls over to the new school year. If a teacher leaves and you wish to block access to that account, you can find everything you need in that teacher’s Account Management page. Just follow the above instructions and click the teacher’s name to see their account information. You can rename the account by adding add a tilde to the beginning of the teacher’s name to move it to the end of the list. Or if you don't want the teacher's name displayed at all, change it to ~Inactive ~Account.  Also on this screen, you can block login rights using the toggle.

For more information on what you can do in this screen, check out our help page, User Account Management.