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Tips & Tricks: Zip Files

Let’s say you have dozens of images that need to be uploaded at once to your online locker, or you want a slideshow on your site showcasing dozens of images from a recent school theater production. Rather than upload photos one at a time, you can easily drop entire albums into a zip folder and upload them in one go.

A zip folder is a file type (.zip) that allows you to compress multiple files into a single, handy file that is easier to upload and download.

Windows Users:

1. Open a folder, browse to the images you want to upload, select them all (click and drag with your mouse)

2. Right-click one of the files. 

3. Hover your mouse over the Send To menu and select Compressed (zipped) folder.

Clicking this will cause a zip file to be created; you can enter any name you wish. It’s now ready to upload. Navigate back to this file to upload the image album in School Loop.


Mac Users: 

1. Highlight the files you want to compress.

2. Right-click any of them, and select Compress from the menu. (If you can't right-click, try the Control keyboard button with the left click.)

The zip folder will then automatically be created in the same folder, and can be renamed to anything you wish.

Please be aware that while locker space is unlimited, we can only accept files as large as 500 megabytes, so if your zip folder exceeds this size, try making a few smaller zip folders.

For step-by-step instructions on how to upload your zip file, see our help document.