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Tips & Tricks: Trackers for Counselors

Hey counselors! Do you want a time-saving way to track your caseload and be able email any of their teachers and parents with a single click of the mouse?

Use our great student tracker feature. Trackers allow you to access student records for your caseload with ease. You can filter for students whose grades are slipping and intervene for those students who need help.

Creating trackers puts you on your students’ Learning Management team so teachers, parents and staff can see your name associated with their student’s account, allowing even more ease of communication and accountability.

You can easily upload hundreds of students to your tracker in just a few seconds by uploading a plain text file containing the student ID numbers of your students. This list can be generated by someone with access to the student information system. Here are the steps to create your caseload tracker and import your list:

1. Log into School Loop; next to Student Tracker, click View All. On the tracker list click Add Tracker.

2. Give your tracker a name and a description (perhaps “caseload.”) Choose the Personal option, since this tracker is only for you. Click Create.

3. You’ll now be on the Tracker List page. Click your new tracker to enter it.

4. On the right side click Upload Members.

5. Click Choose File, find the student ID list provided by your registrar or student information system guru, and click Upload.

Your caseload is now in the tracker! You are now a member of the Learning Management team for all your students.

For more information, see the Tracker Features and Uses Help page..