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Tips & Tricks: LoopMail Students and Their Parents

Teachers using School Loop Plus have a powerful addressing feature in their LoopMail accounts. With just a few clicks, you can address a message to all the students of any or all of your classes including all of their registered parents. No really. 

1. Click the link to add the BCC field and then click the “BCC” button (using BCC will keep the recipient list private).


2. Choose the My students, their parents, or Learning Management Teams option from the "Select A List" menu on the right.


3. Using the radio buttons to the right of "Include: select Students Only, Parents Only, or Parents and Students.

4. Check Individual students by period or check the top box to select all students in the selected period.

5. Click the Add button at the top left.

6. Enter your subject, type your message, and attach files if desired. 

7. Click the Send button.



  • In the example above, we’ve unchecked the option to show only registered students. Doing so allows us to include parents who have registered even if their child does not have a School Loop account.
  • If you’d like to include the students and parents of another period, click a different period tab on the left and then choose the desired addressing options for that period. Our system will remember all of your choices as you move from period to period.
  • Oh, here’s an extra tip. Try clicking the envelope icon to the left of any student’s name if you want to address a LoopMail message to the student, their registered parents, teachers and other staff members tracking that student's academic progress.