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Your site comes with a locker where you can upload files and links and organize them into folders. These uploaded resources are available for use on any page of your site, including pages located in Mini-Sites or sub folders of your teacher site. You may manage the contents of all your lockers by clicking the My Locker icon located at the top of any page in your portal. 

Accessing Your Lockers


To access these resources while working on your site:

1.Click the Resource Files button located near the top right.

2. To upload resources, use Add menu and follow the simple on screen directions.  You can also drag and drop files onto the resource locker region. Use Table view link to access all your lockers.


locker_save.pngYou may also upload resources using the Save Resources menu on the Locker element. 

Linking to Your Locker Resources

The Rich Text Editor and Locker Elements provide two ways to make your locker resources available on your teacher website.

With the Rich Text Editor, you may create links to any single folder or file in your resource locker.

1. Highlight the text you wish to use as your hyperlink.

2. Click the Links button on the toolbar.

3. When the popup window appears, click the Locker tab to view a list of all your available resources.

The locker element displays a list of all the resources in your locker using either the file name or display name, if set when the file was uploaded. See the section below for an advance use of the locker element.

Generally most file types in the locker will download automatically when the user clicks on them, unless they have their browser set to automatically open the file type. The exception is PDFs. Our system will automatically load the PDF in the browser in the same tab. If the user wants to instead open in a separate tab or window, or wants to download the PDF to their computer, they can right-click (Ctrl-click for Macs) on the link in the locker and choose one of those options from the context menu.

Advanced Locker Usage

To illustrate the flexibility of the Locker Element, let's assume that a teacher has created two folders in their locker - Parents and Students. Each folder is filled with the appropriate files for their respective audience. When a Locker Element is first placed on a page, it defaults to displaying the full contents of the locker - as pictured below on the left. To display only the contents of the Parents folder, click the pencil icon on the locker element and select the Parents folder from the list Lockers and folders that appears. As picture below on the right, the locker has been pointed to the Parents folder and renamed accordingly.