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Mobile LoopMail

Composing a Message

LoopMail Composition PageSending LoopMail works much the same way on mobile devices as it does on the desktop version. To reach LoopMail, click on the Mobile LoopMail bar on your mobile portal. This will take you to your inbox. To create a new LoopMail message, click the New Message button near the top of the page.

On the next screen, you will see the message composition form. As with the desktop version of LoopMail, you have the option to address the message to users in a standard "To:" field as well as a "CC:" or "BCC:" field. Simply press the Add Recipients button next to the appropriate field. On the next page, you will be asked to choose from the various user types (e.g. Students, Teachers, Parents, etc.) or one of your groups. Select a user type and then find the user from the list -- in the case of user types with many names -- such as Students or Parents -- you will be asked to narrow the list using the first letter of the user's last name. Once you have narrowed the list, click/touch the check box by the users you wish to add to the addressee field and select Add Recipients.

With the current version of Mobile LoopMail, once you have added recipients, you cannot remove them without starting the addressing process over from the beginning, so be careful!

Once you have entered your recipients, simply fill in the "Subject" and "Message" areas and then hit Send. You will be taken back to your Sent box, where you will see a message confirming that your message was sent.

(Note: Remember that if you do not want users to see the other recipients of a message or if you are sending to a large number of recipients, the BCC field is your best option when adding addressees.)

Reading and Managing Messages

When you receive a new message, the bar on your mobile portal will turn green, prompting you to check for unread LoopMail. Click the Mobile LoopMail bar on your mobile portal to view your inbox. As with the mobile version, unread messages will be displayed in bold. Simply click/touch the name of the message to open it. Once you have finished reading the message, you are given the following options: Reply, Reply All, or Forward. Simply select the appropriate button to perform, and you will be taken to a screen will pre-filled address fields.

Though the mobile version does not currently support the full foldering system available in the desktop version, you can still send messages to your Current Archive to keep your inbox clean. To do this, simply go to the inbox using the Inbox tab at the top of the screen (or click the Mobile LoopMail bar from the Portal) and check the message you would like to archive. Click/touch the Archive Checked button, and the checked messages will be sent to the archive. Use the Current Archive tab at the top of the inbox to access these messages after you have archived them.