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Teacher Portal

Teacher PortalWhile the mobile version of School Loop does not have a full gradebook for teachers to use, there are still a variety of useful tools at the teacher's disposal.

  • Assign Work: Though the gradebook cannot be accessed from the mobile site, you can still create assignments from your mobile device. Click the blue Assign Work button.
  • Add Event: Hitting the blue Add Event button in the header of the portal will take you to a full-featured mobile version of the event creation page.
  • Courses: View a list of your current courses, along with links to the full calendars and current rosters for those courses.
  • Student Records: Type a name or part of a name into the "Look up student" field and hit Go to search for individual Student Records. You can find a more detailed explanation of mobile Student Records here.
  • Calendar: View your calendar in the default weekly view (as seen on your desktop portal), or switch to a daily or monthly view using the icons at the top-right corner of the page.
  • Mobile LoopMail: Access and manage your LoopMail inbox and send messages. Read all about mobile LoopMail here.
  • Full Web Site View: Click here to use the full-featured desktop version of School Loop on your mobile device. Note that some elements are not optimized for mobile browsing and may not work as intended.

Note that by going to the Full Web Site View, it is possible to use the full gradebook on your mobile device. However, you may find that not all of the gradebook's functionality works as smoothly as it does in the desktop version. Users using the older version of our gradebook, GB3, may find that this more basic software works fairly well, but some functionality in our newer gradebook, GB4, may not cooperate well with mobile devices. For this reason, we recommend using a computer to access and make changes to gradebooks for the time being.