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Student/Parent Portal

Student Portal

Just like on the desktop version of School Loop, students and parents can use the mobile site to keep track of grades and assignments. The mobile portal for these two accounts types are nearly identical -- both will see the following features:

  • Report Card: This section contains the class schedule of the student by period, as well as the latest published grades for that class, a link to the full progress report, and a link to the class calendar. At the top of this section, there is also a link that allows the user to email members of the student's Learning Management Team.
  • Due/Assigned Today: This area displays only the current assignments for a student that are either due or are newly assigned on the current date.
  • Current Assignments: This button will display all current assignments -- this includes any assignments that have been assigned and are not yet past due.
  • Calendar: View your calendar in the default weekly view (as seen on your regular portal), or switch to a daily or monthly view using the icons at the top-right corner of the page.
  • Mobile LoopMail: Access and manage your LoopMail inbox and send messages. Read all about mobile LoopMail here.
  • Full Web Site View: Click here to use the full-featured desktop version of School Loop on your mobile device. Note that some elements are not optimized for mobile browsing and may not work as intended.

Parent portals have one additional feature that will not appear on student portals -- because many parents have multiple students associated with their account, those parents will see a blue Change Students button in the header bar of their mobile portal. Hitting this button will pull up a list of all of the students associated with the parent account in question. Select the linked name of a different student to open the mobile Portal view for that student, including their Report Card and Current Assignments.