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Mobile: Overview, Login, and Registration

Users who are lucky enough to have a "smart" mobile device can access most of their important School Loop information from anywhere with a WiFi or data connection. Now on-the-go parents can check assignments, teachers who are stuck in traffic can assign work, and administrators can check on a student's progress from anywhere!

Mobile School Loop is not an app -- you won't find it in the Apple App Store, Android Market, or any other marketplace. Instead, School Loop has created a mobile version of its sites. The benefit of this is that any user with mobile device enabled with a WebKit browser (i.e. most relatively recent mobile devices) will be able to access the site through their device's browser. And, of course, it also means that Mobile School Loop is 100% free to use!

Click here if you are looking for information about our Mobile App.

Logging In

Getting to the mobile login screen is easy: if your school has a published School Loop website, you can simply navigate to that website and click/touch the Login button and the system will automatically detect that you are using a mobile device and show the mobile version of the login page (see image below). If your school is not using the School Loop system for its school website, navigating to the school's School Loop URL will take you directly to this mobile login page.

If you find that you are having trouble getting to the site to pull up the mobile version of the login page, you can also force your browser to go there manually. Simply add "/mobile/login" (no quotes) to the end of your school's School Loop URL, and you'll be able to access the mobile site no matter what kind of device you're using.

Login Page

Add a Shortcut

Once you find your way to the mobile version of your School Loop site, you’ll want to add a shortcut icon to your home screen for easy access. Here’s how on the iPhone:

1. Tap the add bookmark button (one of the two pictured below depending on your version of iPhone or iPad)

2. Tap the “Add to Home Screen” button. On the iPhone, you'll find this button at the bottom of the screen. On the iPad, the button is on the top of the browser next to the place were you enter the web address.

That’s it! You can now launch your School Loop Mobile site with a single tap.


Parent and Student Registration

If you are a parent or who hasn't created your user account in School Loop yet, you can register from your mobile device and get immediate access to your accounts. To register, simply click the Register Now button from the mobile login page. The system will ask if you are a parent or student -- select one of these roles to move to the next step. (Users at districts with our Afterschool Professional role enabled will also see this role as an option.) As with registration on the desktop version of School Loop, users will be prompted for the student's information along with some basic account data which varies slightly depending on the role.

Fill in the fields listed and click/touch Register Now. If the information given matches the student's account information, you will be taken to the School Loop User Agreement. Read this page and click Accept Agreement to move on. Once you've done that, you will be given access to your mobile portal immediately!

Note that there is no need to create a separate login name for use with your mobile device -- your account will work for login from any type of device. Similarly, an account registered with your mobile device can also be used on the desktop version of School Loop.