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Reorder Pages

Reorder pages displays all of the pages in your site in an hierarchical fashion. Consequently, it is the place to manage your entire site. From here you can edit and delete sections, drag and drop sections and pages, view page histories, and undelete pages.

How to Manage Sections and Pages


reorder pages.png

Working with Pages and Sections

Moving Pages or Sections

Reorganizing the structure of your site is a snap using Reorder Pages. Hover your cursor over a page or section  until you see the crossed arrows. Now click, hold, and drag to another section or the area between two pages until the area turns green, then release the mouse button.

Note: Your default page cannot be moved.

Edit or Delete a Section

1. Click the Rename button next to a section to change the name.

2. If the section is empty, click the Delete button (trash can icon) to get rid of the section. Only empty sections can be deleted, so you will have to move or delete the pages in it before you can see the Delete button.

Delete a Page

1. Click the page name to get to the editing screen, then

2. Click the Delete Live Page button at the top of the page.

Note: Your default page cannot be deleted.

Undelete Pages

Don't panic if you accidentally delete a published page. They are not really gone.

1. Click the Undelete Pages button at the top of the page to restore deleted pages.

2. Publish the page when ready.


Every time a page is published a record is kept in the history. Click the History link on the far right side of any page title to see that page's history. You can view, edit or republish any page in the history. It's kind of a mini time machine.