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Grade Export for Infinite Campus

Aside from a couple of small additions, the Grade Export setup process is the same for Infinite Campus as for all other schools. The process for importing grades into the district's student information database using the School Loop Grade Import file is also unique to Infinite Campus. This help page covers these differences. Be sure to read our main Grade Export Setup help page before reading this page.

Upload Tasks and Column Setup

1. On the Column Setup page you'll find the Upload New Tasks button at the bottom of the page. Click this button and upload the tasks.txt file found in the shared drive used by Infinite Campus to store all the data files for Sloopy.



2. When setting up your columns, you must associate each column with its associated Infinite Campus Task. use the drop menu pictured below to choose a task for each column used in your grade export setup.


IMPORTANT NOTE: For each marking period you must set the Infinite Campus task for ALL columns. You may do so before or after teachers submit grades, but failure to update the task for each column could result in overwriting grades from the previous marking period.

Select Term Code

ICSelectTermCode.pngOn the Marking Period edit page, select the corresponding Term Code from the pull-down menu. You will need to select a term code for each marking period.

Process The Import File

Infinite Campus is set up to recognize School Loop import files that begin with “slgrd_” and have the file extension “.slgrd”. To process your import file, place it inside the shared folder where the Sloopy data files are written on a nightly basis. The Infinite Campus system is setup to periodically look for files that need processing. After the file has been processed, the file name is altered to begin with “p_”, which allows you to distinguish between processed and unprocessed files.

Once the import process is complete you will be able view the log files written to the Data folder. These log files will post any errors that were encountered with the import.

For example:
****Line 275 student number 39238 - invalid score
****Line 186 student number 30289 - invalid section 2893
****Line 1366 student number 38041 - invalid score A
total students in file 1661
total students updated 1392
total students grades not changed 1
total students not matched 0
total students with invalid fields 3