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Draft Management System

Our draft management system helps to simplify the process of updating your site by creating drafts only when changes are made to a page. Draft versions are clearly distinct from the published version of a page.

Content Change Alert Bars

Content Changed BarIf a page contains content changes, the bar at the top of the page containing the buttons for publishing and previewing the page will turn orange, and the words "Page has Content Changes"  will appear. This alert lets you know that the page you are viewing is a draft that has undergone changes.


Changed BarIn addition to the warning at the top of the page, each individual element that has been changed will also have an orange bar above it that reads "Changed." So, if you add an element to a page or make any changes to any of the existing elements, each will be marked with an orange bar. These indicators help you to keep track of what has been changed and added as you build a page.  

The orange bars will, of course, disappear when the draft is published. If you choose to close the draft, any of these changes you have made will be deleted as well.

Close Drafts Button

In case you'd like to delete a draft, there's a "Close Drafts" option in the "Manage" menu in the Navigation manager. Clicking this option will allow Webmasters to see a list of open draft pages and close multiple drafts at once.