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Design Skins

In addition to our great original designs, we have several skinned designs. What's a skinned design? Well we could say it's a system of customized or interchangeable graphic templates for websites, but it's easier to say it's a whole lot of new designs for you to choose from. Additionally, you can apply new skins over a basic template without affecting any of the content of your site.

Using New Designs

  1. First select from a family of designs, each with a distinctive set of skins.
  2. Pick one of several homepage layouts - how many columns, optional slide show position, and search box location.
  3. Finish off the design process with your color palette choice.
  4. Choose the skin to top it all off.


In addition to offering more, exciting design choices, the skinned templates allow you to switch between skins within a family without disturbing any of the content.

Note: When switching to a new design template, all homepage content will appear in the main column of the new homepage template. Simply drag and drop all Elements to restore your homepage layout. If you choose a different style template, your header and footer images will have to be uploaded again. 

Warning: Schools with custom design work should NOT reset their design. Custom designs cannot be restored without the assistance of School Loop.