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Google Maps

Embedding a map of the location of the district office, a school site, or the location of a special event is common feature for school websites.

Adding a Map to Your Homepage

g-map1.pngWhile School Loop does not include a dedicated map element, we do include the Custom HTML element which allows webmaster to include all sorts of content, including maps.

In this Tips and Tricks page, we will show you how to embed a map from the ever-popular Google Maps.


g-map2.pngAdding a Google Map

1. Go to Google Maps and enter the address for your office, school, or site and click the Search button.

2. Once you have successfully mapped your desired location, click the Gear icon located in the bottom right side of the screen, then click Share or embed map.

3. In the window that pops open, click Embed map and you will find the code to paste into a Custom HTML element on your School Loop website.

4. Note that you'll have the option to select the size of the map with the menu there. If you like, you can also set your own custom map width and height.

5. Once satisfied with your map size, copy the HTML code and paste into the Custom HTML element.

Done! It's that simple.

Note: The Custom HTML Element is only available to Webmasters.

Sample Map