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Student Permissions

init_rights.pngThere are two options for the setting that controls initial rights for student and parents.

Most schools choose the setting as pictured to the right, which allows students and parents to self register but restricts parent access to grades until the account is approved by a staff member.

student permissions getting there.pngFor schools that choose this more restrictive setting, we provide additional controls over permissions on a per student basis.

Note: Those schools who elect for the more restrictive setting (Approval required for any access by parents or students) already have access to these controls.



1. Hover over the Students option on the horizontal users menu bar.

2. Click Student Permissions from the drop menu.


student permissions details.png

The Student Permissions pages includes 4 settings for each and every student. Check the box next to the setting you wish to apply for a student before clicking the Submit button. The function of these settings are as follows:

Approved: Approves the student for access to their account (Ignore this option if using the setting "Approval required for parents to view grades" as students are automatically approved).

Block Parent Access: Temporarily block parent access to a student's account.

Hide Last Name: Only the student's last initial is displayed with their first name in School Loop. Applies to all systems including teacher gradebooks.

Require Parent Verification: Blocks parent access to a student's information until their account has been approved by a staff member (If using the setting "Approval required for any access by parents or students", this setting is automatically applied to all parent accounts). This setting is useful for those sticky situations when parental access for a particular student is in dispute and requires oversight by a school administrator.