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Read & Reply To LoopMail

Read Messages

Find the message you wish to view in your Inbox and click the subject to view that message. Note the Newer and Older buttons near the top right of the message window. These buttons allow you to scroll through your messages without returning to the Inbox.

 Read Messages.jpg

Reading messages forwarded to your regular email account

loopmail_outlook.pngFor your convenience, copies of your LoopMail messages are forwarded to the email address associated with your account. To maintain privacy, these forwarded messages are from "". Forwarded LoopMail messages are formatted with HTML (like a web page), so it may be necessary for you to enable your email client's ability to view HTML formatted messages. Otherwise, you may view these message as you would any other message in your personal or school email inbox.

Reply To A Message

When working directly within LoopMail, you reply to messages in the same fashion as every other email program you've ever used. Reply, Reply All, and Forward buttons are included with LoopMail (see image above). Your reply will include the sender's original message and you may add or delete recipients before sending.

Replying to messages forwarded to your regular email account

loopmail_outlook2.pngAs stated above, LoopMail messages forwarded to you do not include the sender's real email address. As such, you cannot reply as you would normally.


1. Click the large Reply or Reply All button in the message. You will be taken to your site's login page with your login name filled in.

2. Enter your password and click Login. The LoopMail reply message will automatically open ready for you to compose your message and send.