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Manage LoopMail

Like many web based email clients, the left column displays your Inbox, Sent messages, and Archived messages. Unlike other email systems, you cannot delete messages in LoopMail. Instead, you can move messages from your Inbox to your Current Archive or file them in another folder. 


Managing Your LoopMail Folders

Create Folders

Currently, we only allow you to create new folders to organize your incoming messages. For sent messages, there is a sent mail folder inside the Current Archive folder where you can store messages you don't want to keep in your Sent mailbox.


1. Click the Add button at the bottom of the left column. This will bring up the Add Folder window.

2. Enter a name for your new folder -- you may edit later if desired.


Order Folders

You can reorder all your folders as you please.

1. Click and hold on the icon of the folder you wish to move and drag it to the desired location. You'll see a rectangular region light up to indicate where you're placing the folder.

2. You may drop your new folder in the Current Archive folder, but the Historical Archive folder is locked and you may not move items into or out of this folder.


Edit and Delete Folders

1. Click the Edit button at the bottom of the list of all folders to bring up the Edit Folders window. This window will display all folders that you are allowed to edit or delete.

2. Click a folder in the left column then edit the name as desired or click the Delete button to remove the folder.

Folders that contain messages cannot be deleted; however, you may empty a folder of messages by moving them to another folder. The Current Archive and Historical Archive folders may be renamed but cannot be deleted.

Organizing LoopMail Messages into Folders

MoveToFolder.pngThere are two ways to move messages into folders. The first method is to drag and drop individual messages.

1. Move your cursor over one of your messages, and the cursor changes to a pair of crossed arrows.

2. Click, hold, and drag that message to one of your folders. Once you drop a message into a folder, it will disappear from your inbox.


The second method allows you to move multiple messages at once.

1. Check the box to the left of the messages you wish to move.

2. Mouse over the Move Selected drop menu located just above the date column.

3. From the drop menu, choose the desired destination and click to move all checked messages to that location.

Note: Messages placed in custom folders will not be automatically archived over the summer, and will remain in their folders.


Q: What happens to all of the messages in my inbox and sent folder at the end of the year?

A: Messages from the previous school year are moved to the Historical Archive towards the end of Summer. There is an archive folder for each school year.

Q: Do messages I placed in custom folders get archived?

A: No. Messages in custom folders remain in the custom folders. Only Inbox, Sent, and Current Archive messages are moved to the Historical Archives.

Q: How do I search my inbox?

A: If you need to search your inbox, you can sort the columns by date, sender, or subject by clicking the column header. Click the header a second time to sort again in the reverse order. You can also search your inbox by using the Lookup tool; just start typing into the text field at the top of your inbox and LoopMail searches for matches and populates a list of results on the fly. You can enter dates such as "3/3" or any part of the sender's name or message subject. If you want to get fancy, use the plus sign for an advanced search such as "3/3 + wilbur."

Note: The Lookup tool only works on one mailbox at a a time. In other words, searching your inbox won't show results from your sent messages. Also, the search does not work on the contents of messages, only the date, title, and sender/recipient(s).


LoopMail Inbox