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Priority Alerts

When posting an assignment, you can also schedule a Priority Alert for parents. The alerts are delivered to parents using the School Loop Mobile App or if the Call Alert feature has been enabled, by a phone call to unregistered parents.

No Alert: This is the default choice for all assignments. No parent will receive an alert.

Test Alert: Parents receive an alert about a test the day before it is due.

Example: "Vanessa has a test tomorrow in English III."

Assignment Alert: Similar to the Test Alert except that the system sends an alert the day the assignment is assigned, and then again the day before it is due.

Examples: "Vanessa has The Crucible Essay due tomorrow in English III."

FAQs About Priority Alerts

Q: How do I enable phone calls to unregistered parents?

A: This feature is available only if your school is using the optional Call Alert integration. Please have your School Loop coordinator call us for more information.