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Viewing Work Submitted Online

Getting There

newsubmissions.pngThere are several ways to access a list of work submitted by your students for any given assignment.

  • On your portal, click the arrow in the New Submissions section to view all newly submitted work.
  • From your gradebook, either the student scoresheet (click a student's name in the gradebook) or the assignment scoresheet (click an assignment title from your gradebook).
  • Click the assignment title in any calendar and then click the View All Submissions link.
  • From the Curriculum tab in the Clasroom, click the title of any assignment, then click View All Submissions. (pictured below)

In all views of student submitted work, you will find the student's name, a time stamp, and a link to download the file.


To view the student's submitted work, click on the link to download the file. If they have submitted a pdf, the file will automatically load in the browser on the same tab. If you want to download the file or open it in a separate tab or window, right-click (Ctrl-click for Macs) on the link and select the action you want from the context menu.

Instructions for how students submit work can be found here: Drop Box/Submitting work


Q: What can students submit for my assignments?

A: Your students may submit work online for any assignments published to your gradebook. Any file that could be attached to an email message can be submitted to you through your assignments.

Q: How would I know if a student submits a file late? What if they make changes to it afterwards?

A: All work submitted by students is time stamped so there can be no arguments about when the work was submitted. You can see a live link to the file by clicking on the file name. There's also a [snapshot] in brackets. This is a separate link that provides a direct download of the file exactly in the state it was when it was first submitted. For example, if the student submits a Google doc, you can see the document as it is right now (including student edits) by clicking the first link, or you can see it in the state at the moment of submission by clicking the snapshot.


Q: How do students know that they have submitted their work?

A: Students get an archive of all their submitted work in their portal. You can find more information about that here. Dropbox/Submitting Work

Q: What if the student submission is a discussion post?

A: In addition to submitted work, you can also view any discussion posts the student has made for that assignment on the Assignment Scoresheet. This allows you to grade discussions without leaving the Assignment scoresheet.

Q: Why can't my student submit work?

A: Check to see if your assignment was created as a calendar only assignment.  Students cannot submit files to calendar only assignments.