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Student Scoresheet

When you access the student scoresheet, you're essentially using a gradebook for a single student. This view is useful when you want to enter several grades and comments for a single student.


From the main gradebook, click the tab for the period in which the student belongs, then click the student's name.

Working With The Student Scoresheet

Each student scoresheet includes:

(1) The student's current percent score.

(2) Max points and scaled points (if used) for any assignment may be altered for an individual student (see more info below).

(3) Change the grading scale used for this student.

(4) Links to the Student Record and Progress Report for that student. The Research buttons show this history of all scores.

(5) Input fields for grades and comments; click inside Comment box to expand. Click the "i" icon to display the history scores for that assignment.

(6) Time stamp and link to work submitted online.


Edit Max Points

1. Click the Edit link for Points (#2 above),

2.  Enter the alternate maximum value of any assignment for that student in the Pts box provided. If using scaled scores, you may edit the points, scaled points, or both fields. Empty cells indicate that the default max for that assignment will apply.

3. Click one of the save buttons on the page when ready.