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Getting There

In the Course Management area of your portal, click the More pull down, then click Reports.


Or, in your gradebook, click the Reports tab.


About Reports

Your gradebook comes with a number of printable reports. Each report opens in a new window. There are four styles of reports:

(1) Complete Gradebook (Published Assignments): Includes summary of published grades for all students per period and can be printed with student names or just student ID numbers.

(2) Complete Gradebook (All Assignments): Includes summary of all grades (published or not) as well as every assignment for all students per period and can be printed with student names or just student ID numbers.

(3) Grades: Current student averages by period. May be printed with both student names and IDs or just IDs alone. These reports are sortable by name/ID or percent average.


(4) Progress Reports: A summary report for each student in a period. Each student's report starts on a new page.

(5) Students With Zeros Report: Current number of zeros of each student by period.

(6) Individual Progress Reports by Period: Same report as number 3 above, but just one student at a time.


Progress Reports

The individual student progress report is the most frequently used of all reports, so we've provided multiple ways to access it. In addition to the method described above:

  • Course Center - Click the Roster buttons in the Roster Manger.
  • Student Record - Links are in the Dashboard.
  • Student Scoresheet - Click the button near the top right of the page.

The progress report also provides access to the progress reports from previous terms. Use the drop-down located near the top center of the report to access the older reports.


Parents and students also have access to this report from their portals.