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Publish Progress Reports

Save Grades Versus Publish Progress Reports

As scores are entered in the gradebook, you'll want to save grades periodically. Saving grades ensure that your work won't be lost, but it doesn't allow students and parents to view those grades. Publishing progress reports is a separate action you must take to share grades with your students and their parents. This two step process (save and publish) allows you to control which grades students and parents can see and when they may see them.

How to Publish Progress Reports

1) Look for the orange Progress Report Publishing button on the right side of the main gradebook spreadsheet.


2) Check the box for the assignments you wish to include in the progress report before clicking the Publish button. 



Publish with Message

publishwithmessage.pngAfter clicking the Progress Report Publishing button, choose Publish with Message to send a LoopMail message for students whose grades are trending up or down. You can setup a generic message to send to all students who are trending up or down by entering your message in the Message Setup window, then choosing Autofill Trending Up or Autofill Trending Down. For schools using the Call Alert feature, you will also have the option to schedule a generic phone call to unregistered parents.


Alternately, you can write a customized message to a particular student in the text box under the student's name. You can also choose to send your message to parents, students, or both.

When you are ready, click Submit. Your grades will be published and your messages will be sent to the chosen recipients.

Note: You can only send messages to registered Students.

Unregistered parents that are selected to receive a phone call will get a call alert in their native language, letting them know their student is trending up or down.

Example call for trending up: "Your child raised their grade by one letter grade in period 2."

Example call for trending down: "Your child had their letter grade drop by one letter grade in period 2."


Q: How do I know if an assignment is published or not?

A: The green dot and gray x indicate published and unpublished assignments, respectively. These same symbols are also displayed in your gradebook just above the row of assignment titles.

Q: I have published assignments, but the progress report is not showing for the students?

A: You must have at least one graded assignment with a score and max points greater than zero published to have a progress report display for the student. Progress reports from previous gradebooks will continue to display until graded assignments are published in a new gradebook.

Q: I made a mistake. How do I unpublish an assignment?

A: If you change your mind about an assignment, you may unpublish by removing the check from the box and clicking the Publish button. 

Q: I made a change to some assignments. Do I have to republish the progress report again?

A: Once an assignment has been published in a progress report, changes such as student scores, assignment title, category, and max points possible are automatically updated on the progress report within moments. There is no need to republish progress reports for these types of changes.

Q: Are changes in weighting updated automatically progress reports?

A: No. Changes in gradebook settings (e.g. weighting and grade scale) will not be reflected in previously published progress reports until you republish progress reports. To republish grades, follow the same steps you took to publish grades. It is not necessary to unpublish first.