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Data Entry

There are three different views for recording scores - the main spreadsheet, assignment scoresheet, and student scoresheet. The latter two also allow you to add comments. As you enter scores, student and class averages update automatically as soon as you move the cursor to a new cell. If you enter scores and attempt to leave the gradebook, you will be prompted to either save or discard those scores. If you do manage to leave the gradebook without saving grades, a draft of those scores is saved. The next time you access that gradebook, our system will prompt you to either save or discard the draft scores.

Enter Scores and Comments

For each period, your gradebook has a spreadsheet of assignments and students with cells for entering scores.  To switch periods, click one of the period number tabs at the top left of the gradebook. To work with either the assignmentgo_to.png or student scoresheets, click an assignment title or student name.

When your gradebook has more assignments than can be displayed on a single page, use the Go To... menu near the top left of the gradebook to quickly navigate to any given assignment. Hovering over that button displays a menu of all your assignments - clicking the title of an assignment shifts the spreadsheet and places that assignment in the first column to the right of the column of student names. Additionally, there are angle bracket links on either side of the Go To... button to move to the previous and next page of assignments.

Enter Scores

As you type, the background of any cell with a changed value will be highlighted in orange. This feature is used on all grade input pages and serves multiple purposes.

  1. The orange highlighted cells remind you that there are scores to be saved. Be sure to click one of the Save buttons before attempting to leave the page.
  2. It's easy to spot any scores changed by accident or by a student when you were distracted.

Hint: If the cells of newly added or changed scores are not turning orange, then those scores will not be saved. This can happen if your session times out.

Moving From Cell To Cell

While there may be some difference between browsers, the Enter, Tab, and arrow keys can be used to advance the cursor to the next cell. Holding the Shift key down while using the Tab key typically moves the cursor in the reverse direction.


Instantly fill in every empty cell in column with the same value by entering that value in the cell next to the Autofill button and then clicking the button. Autofill will not over-write cells that have scores.



Assignment and student scoresheets include an input field for comments.  These comments will be visible only to that student and their registered parents when viewing the progress report for your class.

Saving Scores

Save Grades.jpgAlthough the School Loop gradebook provides safeguards to prevent accidental grade loss, it is important to click the Save button periodically. We recommend that you use the Save button every few minutes while working on grades.

Gradebook Legend

The gradebook uses pink and grey highlighting and other visual cues to alert you to the status of students, assignments and grades and potential issues. The legend below provides an explanation. This legend is also available in the Gradebook Tools menu in your gradebook.



Note: When a student was not on the roster in School Loop on the assignment due date, an E will automatically be entered and the cell background turns gray. The E can be replaced with a score and the score will count towards the student's overall grade despite the gray background.