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Custom Progress Report Messages

The custom progress report message appears on the progress report for all your students and their parents. Use this message to provide additional information about your grade policy, office hours, or important grading deadlines. You can change the message as often as you like.

If you frequently use the comment fields found on the assignment and student scoresheets, you may use the custom progress report message as a legend for comments - similar to comments typically used on report cards. Instead of typing out your comments, enter a code such a A, B, 1, or 2 to represent comments listed in the custom progress report message (e.g. 1 = Late work reduced by 20%).

Create A Custom Progress Report Message



1. Click the Settings link (the gear icon) near the top right of any page in your portal

2. Click the title of a course in the Course Settings section of the next page

3. Click the Go button for Custom Progress Report Message

4. Enter your message and click the Submit button

5. Go to that gradebook and click the orange Progress Report Publishing button

6. Click the Publish button

How It Shows Up

When anyone views the progress report for a student, your custom progress report message appears as pictured below.