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Assignment Scoresheet

About the Assignment Scoresheet

View Details.pngThe assignment scoresheet view is restricted to a single assignment. This view is best when you wish to enter scores and comments for all student of all periods that received this assignment.

From the main gradebook spreadsheet, click the title of the assignment at the top of the column of scores. Alternately, clicking the title of any assignment listed in the Assignment List will also take you directly to the assignment scoresheet.

Note: Hover over the title to view the pop up of details, which includes links to edit, copy and delete.

Working With The Assignment Scoresheet

(1) Click the Details button to view for a pop up window with full assignment details and links to Edit, Copy, Delete, view student discussions, and access work turned in online; click button to close

(2) Work submitted online including a time stamp and link to the file.

(3) Input fields for grades and comments; click in Comment box to expand. Click the "i" button for the history of any individual student's score.


Student Discussions

Student discussions associated with an assignment are available in the Submissions column.  Now you can view and grade discussions without leaving your gradebook!


Ordering the Assignment Scoresheet

The default order for the assignment scoresheet is alphabetical by student last name, grouped by periods. You also have the option to sort the scoresheet by student scores from highest to lowest. Just click the Points column title. Click the Student column title to return to default sorting order. The sort order you choose will also be displayed in the print view.



Mass Download Submitted Work

You can download a zip file of all submitted documents for all periods for an assignment by clicking the Download All link at the top of the assignment scoresheet.