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Assign Work

Teachers publish assignments so students and parents can access them. Students can even turn their work in online - and parents can see the work! Current Assignments, assigned or due in the current week, appear in the Current Assignment list in the Dashboard on the Portal homepage for teachers, students, and parents.

Adding Assignments


1. Click Add Assignment on your main portal page.

2. Fill out the required fields (title, periods, points, dates).

3. Click Publish.


Edit, Copy, or Delete Assignments

1. Click Classrooms and click your course.



2. Click the Curriculum tab and click on an assignment on the left side.


3. Click Copy, Edit or Delete.


The option to edit an assignment can also be accessed from these places:

  • Gradebook - hover over the assignment title and select Edit from the popup.
  • Assignment Scoresheet - click Details and select Edit.
  • Assignment List - click assignment name, then Details, select Edit.
  • Calendar - click the title of the assignment you wish to edit, and then click Edit.Assign_Work_Preview_Edit_0715.pngView Details.png













The Copy function is useful when you wish to reassign an old assignment or for those instances when you need to make similar but different assignments for your classes. It saves you the trouble of having to retype all the details for that assignment a second time.


To Delete a recurring assignment, you can simply visit the first occurrence of that assignment and choose Delete. You will be prompted whether you wish to delete only the first occurrence or all occurrences of that assignment. This option is only presented when choosing Delete on the first occurrence of the assignment. You can delete any individual occurrence of the assignment, including ones from the middle, though this may interfere with your ability to delete all of them at once, should you choose to do so.

Undelete Assignments

Accidentally delete an assignment? Don't panic, it can be restored along with any grades that were entered.

Using the Curriculum tab in the Classroom:Add_Content_0715_1.png

  1. Navigate to the correct Classroom.
  2. From the Curriculum tab of your Classroom, select the Add Content menu, and then select Undelete Documents.
  3. You can Select All or select a subset of content, and then click Undelete.
  4. The restored content will show up at the end of the Content area in your Curriculum tab. It will be unpublished (not visible to students) by default.


Using the Gradebook:Gradebook_Tools_0715.png

  1. Open the gradebook; click Gradebook Tools; select Undelete Assignments.
  2. On the Deleted Assignments page, click the title of the assignment to recover.


3. You are redirected back to the gradebook with a "Success" message. The assignment with any associated grades is displayed in the gradebook.


A Few More Details about Assignments

There are several ways to access the Assign Work form:

  1. Click the orange Add Assignment button at the top right of the Course Management section on your Portal homepage.
  2. From inside your Course on the Curriculum tab, click Add Content > Add Assignment.
  3. From inside a gradebook, click the Add Assignment button near the top left of the gradebook homepage.

For each assignment, you must assign the work to a single course by period, set the assign and due dates, and give it a title. There are several optional settings such as adding and previewing files or links (these will be available for both parents and students to download), choosing a category (essential if you use weighting), and set the point value (for assignments that will appear in the gradebook). 

2months.pngThe Assigned Date and Due Date will default to today and the next weekday, respectively. To change these defaults, click the calendar icon next to the date field and select the desired date from the pop up calendar. When you select an assigned date in the future, the due date will automatically change to the next weekday.

The Repeat option allows you to create a recurring assignment (e.g. a weekly quiz). Check the Repeat option just below the assign date to reveal the options. If you wish to have a recurring assignment on school days (Mon-Fri), then consider making two recurring assignments: one using the MWF option, and one using the T/Th option.

The optional Scaled Points field is covered in detail on another Help page. By default, the value entered in the Points field will automatically appear in the Scaled Points field. When these values are the same, the scaling feature is not applied.

The Call Alert option pictures above appears only if your school has opted for this feature.


Q: Can I make assignments now and publish them later?

A: Sure! You do not need to publish an assignment right away. You may decide to Save Draft, which keeps the assignment in a draft form and will not be visible to students until you publish it.


Q: I made an assignment but it isn't in the gradebook. Where is it?

A: Gradebooks have a date range.  If your assignment is not showing up, make sure its due date is within the date range of your gradebook. Check the Assignment List tab at the top of your gradebook for the missing assignment. Also, on the assignment list, you can click and edit the assignment and make sure it is set to appear in the calendars and the gradebook.


Q: I saved a draft assignment. Where did it go?

Assignments saved as a draft will appear in your Classroom > Curriculum but not in the gradebook. Draft Assignments appear with a grey dot in the curriculum wheel.  When you are ready to publish it, go to the Curriculum tab in your Classroom, edit the assignment and click Publish.


Q: I undeleted an assignment but students still can't see the grade! How do I fix it?

A: Be sure to republish grades after recovering assignments to update the progress report. Just click Progress Report Publishing and publish again as you normally would.