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Register Afterschool Professionals

The Afterschool Professional role was designed for those not employed by the school but who are charged with helping students succeed and need access to the student's calendar of assignments. Examples include, professional tutors, social workers, and community center staff. The rights of this new role allow an individual to view the assigned work for specific students, but in no case are they allowed to view grades (unless the Advanced Afterschool Professional feature is turned on. In this case the Afterschool Professional will have access to the student record). A registered and approved parent of the student must approve the afterschool professional before they can view that student's assignments. If there are no registered parents, then an administrator may receive written permission from a parent, then approve the account.

For more details on what is available to this role see the Afterschool Professional Portal page in the Portals section.


1. Click the Register Now button.

Users will find this button on the school's website as well as on the login form.




2. Click the "Afterschool Professional Registration" link.


3. Complete the registration form.


4. Click the Register Now button.

Account Approval

Once an Afterschool Professional has registered, the registered parent(s) of that student will have an opportunity to approve or deny their right to view student assignments and email the student's education team. Learn more about how parents approve After School Professionals.

If there are no registered parents for the student, then an administrator can give approval with written permission from the parent. The consent agreement that parents see before they approve or deny an Afterschool Professional, is available for download on the left. In such cases, districts should take steps to ensure that their process and documentation is in full compliance with all district policies.

As with other account types, an administrator can grant or block login and communication rights on the user account management page. It is here also where the administrator can approve or unapprove individual students associated with the Afterschool Professional's account.

Manage Afterschool Professionals

1. Click the User Management button at the top left of your homepage to see the full menu.


2. Hover over the Afterschool Pro menu and then select Afterschool Professional Status from the drop down menu.

3. View status of each account holder. Change status if necessary

Afterschool Pro Status.png


Q: Why does our school does not have an option for Afterschool Professionals to register?

A: By default, this feature is not enabled. Please contact School Loop if your district is interested in using this feature.

Q: Can the Afterschool Professional account have access to more than one student?

A: Yes. Multiple students from the same school may be linked to one account using the "Add Student" button on the Portal homepage. Approval is required for each student.