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Tracker and Learning Management Teams

learning mgmt team.pngThe Learning Management Team (LMT) is comprised of a student, their parents, teachers, and other people tracking the student's progress.  These people can include certificated members of the school or district, and Afterschool Professionals -- people working with the student who, with parental consent, have access to homework information and communications rights.

There are two ways to become a part of a student's LMT:

1. Go to the Student Record and click the Join Team button in the Learning MGMT Team section. You will be asked to create a new tracker or add the student to an existing tracker.


2. Go to a personal tracker and add the student. You will automatically become part of the Learning Management Team for all students you track.

You can track as many students a you want in a single Personal tracker.  Your name and Relationship (from the Position field on your account management page) will be listed on the Student Record, and you will be included on LoopMail sent to the team.

To edit the Relationship field for any or all students in your personal tracker:

1. Click Edit Relationship in the Tracker toolbox.

2. Select one or more students in the list.

3. Click Edit.

4. Enter the new relationship.

5. Click the Submit button.


You can also edit the default relationship which will be applied to any new students that are added to the tracker.

Any Staff member who clicks the New Message button in the Learning Management Team section of the Student Record can address the message to any or all of the members of that student's Team. Teachers have access to the same list of team members when addressing a LoopMail message using the list called "Their parents and teachers (individuals)." Parents and students can access the list of Teachers and other members on the Team by clicking the Email all teachers link from their portal homepage.

Learning Management Team members are always in the loop!

loopmail lmt.png


Q: I am not seeing the Join Team button in the student record, why?

A: The student is probably in your class, so you are already on the learning management team as a teacher.

Q: I made a student tracker but I am not appearing on any of the students' learning management teams, why?

A: The tracker is school wide. Only personal trackers place you on the learning management team of students in the tracker.

Q: How do I remove staff from the learning management team?

A: An admin can auto-login to the staff's account and delete the tracker. (Click on the tracker to enter it; click Delete Tracker on the right side.) For individual students, the admin can go to the Student Record page and click Leave Team on the right side.