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Create Trackers

Create A New Tracker

1. Click the View All link on the right side of the Student Tracker section on your portal.







2. Click the Add Tracker button to create a Tracker. Students can be added to the Tracker after it is created.











3. Enter the name, description and type for your tracker.

4. Click the Create button.









Add and Remove Members

tracker toolbox.jpg1. Click the View All link in the Student Tracker section of your portal.

2. Click on the name of the Tracker. You may also click on the title of the Tracker listed in your portal.

3. Click Add Members to select from a list of students or skip to step 4 to upload.

4. Click Upload Members to upload a list of student ID's


To remove members:

1. Click the Remove Members link.

2. Check the box next to the names of the students that you want to remove.

3. Click the Removed Selected button.


Q: Can I change my tracker to school wide after I create it?

A: Yes.  You can edit the details after the Tracker has been created.

Q: Who can create High Priority Trackers?

A: Only Admins can create High Priority Trackers.

Q: What does 'Upload Members' do?

A: Upload Members is a convenient way to upload multiple students using a plain text file with student ID numbers. See the Help page about Tracker Features and Uses for more information about this feature.