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When publishing assignments for students, the use of categories provides an additional descriptor for students and parents. For those teachers using School Loop's gradebook who also choose to use weighting, the use of categories are required.

An added benefit of using categories is that the School Loop gradebook displays student performance by categories even if weighting is not used. For more information about this benefit, see our help pages about the gradebook tabs for All Grades and Published Grades.

Although your gradebook comes with several preset categories, you may add, edit, and delete categories as desired. There are no restrictions on the use of categories,

Working With Categories

1. Click the Settings link (the gear icon) near the top right of any page in your portal.

2. Click the Go button for Assignment Categories (Universal). 

3. Edit or Delete for any of the preset categories, if desired.

4. To enter a new category, type in the name and click Submit.


category_assignment.pngWhen publishing assignments for any course, your universal list of categories will be available in a drop menu on the Add Assignment form.



Q: Are categories created per course?

A: No, categories are universal. When setting up your categories, you will create categories for all the courses you teach.

Q: Can I delete the Assignment category?

A: The "Assignment" category is the one category that cannot be deleted, but you do not have to use this category if you do not want to.

Q: Why won't it allow me to delete a category that is not the "Assignment" category?

A: Categories associated with assignments cannot be deleted, even if the assignment has been deleted. You must edit and change the category for any assignments associated with the category you are trying to delete. For deleted assignments, you can undelete, then edit the category and then delete the assignment again.