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Footer Details

Website footers can be customized with a school's contact information and logo, but every School Loop website footer shares some common links and features. Since this Help site was built using School Loop's Content Management System, the footer at the bottom of this page contains the same elements as every other School Loop website.



Elements of the Footer

User Agreement

This link provides a copy of the user agreement that every user must accept the first time they log in to their account. The text can be copied and pasted into a word processor for printing.

Privacy Notice

A link to the School Loop privacy notice.


A list of Frequently asked questions in several categories.


If you choose to remove the Login module from your homepage, users can always log in with this button. On standard sites this button is labeled Staff Login.

Note: The Login button does not show in the footer when you are logged in and viewing in Live mode.

Social Media Icons

Webmasters may add links to your Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube sites during the design setup process.


Uses Google Translate to translate your website into any of 80 available languages.

RSS Feeds

Subscribe to an RSS (Really Simple Syndication) Feed to get updates on News items posted to your website. Choose to get feeds for your Homepage, a particular section, or for every page on your site.

Note: This feed only includes updated News items posted to the public website. It does not include teacher websites. RSS Feeds are also available on website calendars and on the Current Assignments element on teacher websites.

Site Map

A typical site map including all sections and pages on your website.