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Export Status

While rights to setup and configure the grade export system must be granted to an individual, all principals, assistant principals and system admins have rights to view the status of submissions for a current or past marking period. Select Staff members can also be given these rights. 

Monitor and Verify Submissions

GradeExportStatus.png1. Click the Grade Export Status link and then choose from a list of current and past marking periods.



2. Click Print Report.



The Export Status screen also lists all active teachers in two columns. Teachers listed in the right column have submitted grades. Those in the left column have not. Use the Email All Below buttons or the individual email icons to send LoopMail reminders about when grades are due.


3. Check the teachers you want to generate a report for, or click the Check All button to check all teachers.

4-20-2015 5-46-43 PM.png


4. Click Create Print Report to view a printable report of all grade submissions for the selected teachers.

Archive Submissions

Clicking the blue Print Report button (pictured above) allows you to select any or all of the teachers to include in either a print report (pictured below) or a downloadable XLS file, which is best for archiving submission results by teachers.


Note that the report includes teacher name and ID number, a time stamp, and the name of the marking period. Details about the grades submitted include the name of the course, section and course IDs, each student's score, grade, and any other values included in your grade export setup such as comments, conduct, variable credits, etc.

Click the Show Students Missing Grades Only button at the top of the print report page to see only students who have not yet received a letter grade. Print this report to aide in investigating any missing grades and resolve these discrepancies quickly and easily.

Use your browser's print command to generate a printed copy of the report. Alternately, with the appropriate browser or software installed, you can save the print report as a PDF. To save a print file as a PDF in Chrome, use the "Save As PDF" destination in Chrome's print dialog. If you use a different browser you will need a third party utility such as Cute PDF Writer.