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Block Imports

Term Transition Issues

Depending on the data practices of your school, schedules for an upcoming term can inadvertently be sent to School Loop before the start of the term. In cases where this happens, students, teachers, and parents will see all or part of the students' schedule for the next term and won't see their current schedule. This can cause a great deal of confusion; if your school uses the School Loop Grade Export system, the consequences can be even more severe.

Generally speaking, the problem arises if schedule changes for the next term are made live in the same database used to send schedules to School Loop. Many student information systems have a separate scheduling database, but even in this case the issue can arise if those schedules are rolled into the main database before the start of the term. If your school has already been through a major term transition (e.g first to second semester) without problems, you can ignore this page. If you've already experienced this problem, then you know the solution has been to call School Loop to request that we block imports until some specified date (typically the day before the new term begins). While this solution has been effective, it also been somewhat cumbersome for everyone. Fortunately, there's a better way.

Block your own imports

SchoolInfoBlockImports.pngThis feature is only available to those with District Admin accounts. When you log into your account,

1. Click the School Site List link in the Toolbox in the right column of your portal homepage. From there, click the name of the school where you wish to block imports.

2. When you land on page for one of your school sites, look for the School Info section in the right column. At the bottom of that section you'll see:

Imports: Allowed

3. Click the Change button to block imports for that site. You'll notice that the status for imports changes to Blocked.

This feature allows you to block imports on the School Loop site without interrupting the actual import process on your end.

Don't forget to change it back to Allowed when you are ready to resume imports.

When Not to Block Imports

Imports should not be blocked on the first day of a new term. School Loop automatically drops schedules when a term ends, and if new term schedules are not imported, then students and teachers may not have any active schedules.

Teachers will be able to continue to work on previous term gradebooks even though the previous term schedules have been dropped and new schedules have been made active. Teachers can access all gradebooks for a course from the Add/Edit Gradebooks menu.

Teachers will be able to submit grades after a term ends as long as the marking period is setup correctly. The marking period ends date must be a date within the term that was active for that marking period.