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Manage Sections - System Admin

About Merging Rosters for Teachers

At the beginning of a term, teachers may want to move sections from one course to another to consolidate their students. The Merge tool allows them to do this as well as view the students in each section, and change course names. However, once a teacher has entered assignments and grades, they are no longer able to move sections on their own.

As a System Admin, you are always able to move the sections for teachers. Keep in mind that assignment and scores in School Loop are stored in the course. So when you move a section out of a course, you are moving it away from any existing assignments or grades that have already been entered. Consequently, you should move sections for teachers only if they are willing to re-enter those assignments and scores.

Getting There

Click a teacher's name in the Teachers list to get to their Account Management page. From the account management page click Schedule.


Moving and Merging Sections


1. Click the Move & Merge button next to the section to be moved.

2. Check the button next to the course you want to move the section into

3. Click the orange Submit button. The students in that section will now be part of that course and, therefore, part of the gradebook for that course.


Course ID Changes

Occasionally you may have to change a course ID in your SIS in the middle of the school year. When this happens, students will be dropped from the sections in the old course, and will be added to a new course in School Loop. Because the sections are in a new course , the students will no longer be associated with the assignments and grades from the old course.

The remedy is to move the new sections into the course with the original sections.

Note: If the period numbers changed in the new sections, then the old period numbers will continue to show in the gradebook unless the old dropped sections are moved out of the old course. In that case, you can move the dropped sections to the new course or to a course you've created for this purpose.

Creating a New Course

In some cases a teacher may want to separate sections into two or more courses. For example, a teacher may want to create separate gradebooks for each section - each with its own assignments and/or gradebook settings. In these cases, a new course will need to be created to house the sections. Teachers cannot create new course but as a System Admin, you can.

1. Click Create New Course on the top left of the Manage Sections page.

2. Enter the course name.

3. Click the Submit button.

4. Then, use the Move & Merge link to move the new sections into the new course.



Q: Why can't I move sections from the teacher's Quick Links section?

A: Do not Auto Login to the teacher's account and use the Manage Sections link. You will not be able to move sections from there if assignments/grades have been entered by the teacher.

Q: What if I have a mix of active and inactive sections?

A: If merging an inactive section with an active section, always move the active section into the course that has the inactive sections.