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Transfer Grades

When one of your students transfers between periods of the same subject, transferring their grades is just a few simple clicks.

Student transfers from one period to another

1. From the Tools menu tab in your gradebook, click Transfer Grades.

2. Use the Transfer Grades tool to select the student in their original class and the same student in their new class.

3. Click Submit and you're done!


transfer grades edited.jpg


  • Periods must be contained in the same gradebook.
  • Assignments must be published to both periods for grades to transfer
  • Transferring grades does not delete grades from the original class.

Student transfers from one teacher to another

When a student moves from one teacher to another, grades cannot be transferred automatically. An assignment can be set up in a gradebook as a way to input a transfer grade, summarizing the progress to date. Below are a couple of options for doing that. 

Non-weighted gradebook only 

Create one new assignment called "Transfer Grade" worth the max points available for all assignments entered before the student entered the class. Enter a score for the student that matches their incoming percentage. If the student is coming into the class with an 70%, for example, and the max points for all assignments to date is 1400 points, then enter a score of 980 (since 70%  of 1400 is 980.) Give the other students an "E" for this assignment to excuse them. 

Weighted gradebook only 

Similar to above, but an assignment must be created for each category since each has different weights. If "Tests" is one of the weighted categories, and 300 points in tests were assigned before the student entered, create a new test worth 300 points. Title it "Transfer Grade". If the student was earning a 70% in the other class, enter a score of 210 for the student. Give the other students an "E" for this assignment to excuse them. Repeat these steps for each weighted category.


Q: Can I transfer grades between students?

A: Yes. Transferring grades between different students is allowed, but you will receive a warning message.

Q: Will the grade from the original class be deleted?

A: No. Transferring grades does not delete grades from the original class.

Q: What if the assignments are different between periods?

A: The same assignments must be published to both periods for grades to transfer.  It the assignments are not assigned to both periods, edit each assignment and check the new period as well as the original period and click Submit.  Copying the assignments will not work.