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Drop Lowest Score

You pick the categories eligible for dropping a low score for each student and our gradebook will find the the single score the gives each student the greatest boost in average. Even better, you have the power to choose not to drop a scores for individual student or, if necessary, restore all dropped scores for all students.

How to Drop Low Scores

1. Select the Tools  tab from within desired gradebook.


2. Click the Drop Low Score link from the Gradebook Tools section.


3. Click the blue Select Categories button.

4. Check the categories you want to include. If you want to drop the lowest "Test" score, check that category - if you wish to drop the lowest score from either the "Project" or "Discussion" categories, check both.


5. Click the Submit button.  School Loop's gradebook will then search for the one score from all checked categories that will have the greatest positive effect on the student's grade.



5. You will then be presented with the search results - uncheck the box next to any student's name if you wish to exclude from benefiting from a dropped score.  Click the Drop Scores button.

6. You can now either restore dropped grades or select a period to go back to the gradebook.  The scores with a line through them are the dropped scores.

7. Republish grades to have the dropped score removed from the progress reports that student and parents see.

How to Restore Grades after Drop Lowest Score



1. To restore all of the grades or start over, click the Regenerate Low Scores button, then click the Submit button.

2. To restore individual student's low scores, click the Don't Drop button to the left of their name.  Their name will go off the list, and their low score will be restored. 


Q: How many scores can I drop per student?

A: One.  This feature supports dropping a single score from the gradebook.