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Custom Codes

With School Loop's Gradebook, you can make up your own codes with assigned values of "Does not count", "Zero", or a "Percentage" of the maximum score. These custom codes allow you to convey more information than just a numerical score. For example, from the parent's point of view, does a score of zero mean the student did the work and received no credit or did they fail to turn it in? A score of "M" for missing answers that question.

Create A New Code

1. From any page in your portal, click the Settings link (the gear icon) near the top right of the page.

2. Select any of your gradebooks from the Gradebook Settings section of the next page.

3. Click on the Go button for Custom Codes (Universal).

4. Click the blue Create New Code button, then complete the form as pictured to the below.

Create Edit Custom Code.png

Code: This is the value you will enter as a score. Custom codes are case insensitive and should be 3 or fewer characters since that's about all you'll be able to see in the cells where you enter the scores.

Definition: Plain English explanation of the code.

Value: Take your pick. If you choose Percent you must also enter a numerical value in the Percent input field.

Grade Legend

Published progress reports include a Grade Legend where your custom codes are listed for students and parents to see.

Grade Legend.png


Q: Can I change the value of a custom code?

A: No. If necessary, delete the code and create a new one in its place.

Q: How are student grades affected if I delete a custom code?

A: When a custom code is deleted, its value is calculated as a zero in your gradebook. Also, the gradebook will alert you by highlighting cells with such values in dark red.

Q: Can I use Custom Codes to enter letter grades instead of points for assignments?

A: Yes, some teachers create custom codes for letter grades set to specific percentages. For example:: A = 95%, B = 85%, C = 75%, D = 65%, F = 55%.