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Grade Scales

School Loop's Gradebook allows you to create multiple grade scales. The grade scales are universal, allowing you to use any of your custom grade scales for any gradebook or even any individual student. Naturally, the applicable grade scale appears on the progress report for you, your students, and their parents to see.

Setting a Grading Scale

1. From any page in your portal, click the Settings link (the gear icon) near the top right of the page.

2. Select one of your gradebooks from the Gradebook Settings section of the next page.

3. Click the Go button for Grade Scales (Universal).

4. Either edit an existing grade scale or create a new one using the appropriate button.


5. Choose the default grade scale for your gradebook


6. Click the Submit button.

Creating a New Grade Scale

1. Name your grade scale.

2. Use the Delete button to remove letter grades.

3. Use the Insert button to add letter grades.

  • Enter the grade label (e.g. F+)
  • Enter the floor Percentage
  • Click Submit

4. Adjust the floor (lowest) percentage as desired for each letter grade

  • The lowest possible letter grade must have a floor percentage of 0.

Edit Grade Scale.jpg

Grade Scales for Individual Students

School Loop supports individual grading scales for students with learning disabilities or other special cases. As a teacher, you can create as many grading scales as you want. You can create additional grading scales and apply them to gradebooks, or to individual students on the Student Scoresheet.

You also have the option to individually change the Max Values of assignments for each student. Simply enter your gradebook and click a student. In the Max Points column, click the Edit link. Any changes you make apply only to that student.


1. Click that student's name in your gradebook spreadsheet to bring up their Student Scoresheet.

2. Click the Change button, as pictured below.


3. Choose the grade scale you wish to use with this student.

4. Use the orange Progress Report Publishing button to publish.