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Edit Course Titles

coursetools.pngWhen School Loop imports data about your classes, the names of your course come directly from the district's student information system. These course names appear on your Portal under Course Management and in the menus for Classrooms and Gradebooks and appear for your students in their schedules. Unfortunately, these names are not always formatted in a way that makes sense to you, your students, or their parents. No worries. You're free to change your course names as you see fit.

How To Edit Course Names

There are two ways to edit your course names, the first is the quickest.

editcoursetitle.png1. Click Manage Sections in the Quick Links list.

2. Click the Edit button next to the course name you wish to change.

3. Enter the name you prefer.

4. Click the Submit button.



1. Click the Settings gear icon in the upper right of any page in your portal.

2. Under Course Settings section, click the name of the course.

3. Click the name of a course.

4. Click the Go button in the Edit Course Name section.

5. Enter the new name and click Submit.


Q: Where does the changed course name show?

A: Once changed, parents and students will see your course as you've named it. In your portal, the name of the course is changed everywhere except the titles of the gradebook.

Q: How do I change the name of the gradebook?

A: Gradebook names can be changed by using the Add/Edit Gradebook option in your gradebook.